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Converts XForm submissions from ODK Collect to json or geojson.


var xform2json = require('xform-to-json');

xform2json(xmlString, function(err, json) {

xform2json(xmlString, [options], callback)

ODK sends an xml file with a single root node, which is discarded.

By default the following metadata is created in the json output:

form.meta = {
  instanceId: form.meta.instanceID || 'uuid:' + uuid.v1(),
  instanceName: form.meta.instanceName || formKey,
  formId: form.$.id,
  version: form.$.version


form.meta is the original meta data from the ODK xml submission formKey is the name of the original xml root node form.$.id and form.$.version are the two attributes on the root node from ODK xml.


When set to true will output geojson, using a geopoint field from the xml for the coordinates if present. If more than one geopoint field is present, the field is chosen arbitrarily unless options.locationField is set (see below). If no geopoint / location field is found then geojson geometry is null.


The fieldname to use for the geojson coordinates.


Pass a hash of any metadata values to add to the form, e.g. meta.submissionTime.



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