A shortcut from local geodata files to tiles on S3

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You’ll be writing to S3, and so you’ll need to make sure that your shell environment is configured with appropriate credentials.


$ mapbox-tile-copy <file> <s3 url template>

The file extension used on <s3 url template> will determine the format of raster tiles from gdal sources (tif, vrt). Accepted formats/extensions are webpjpgjpegpng. Default compression options are from mapnik. If no extension is given, format will default to webp or can be overridden with the argument --format=jpeg.

By default, retina (512x512) tiles are created. Pass the argument --retina=false to create non-retina (256x256) tiles for raster tiles from gdal sources.


Copy tiles from an mbtiles file to a folder in my-bucket: sh $ mapbox-tile-copy ~/data/my-tiles.mbtiles s3://my-bucket/folder/mbtiles/{z}/{x}/{y}

Convert a GeoJSON file into vector tiles: sh $ mapbox-tile-copy ~/data/my-data.geojson s3://my-bucket/folder/geojson/{z}/{x}/{y}

Copy tiles from one S3 location to another via tilejson describing the source: sh $ mapbox-tile-copy ~/data/online-data.tilejson s3://my-bucket/folder/tilejson/{z}/{x}/{y}

Perform a part of a copy operation. Useful for parallel processing a large file: sh $ mapbox-tile-copy ~/data/my-tiles.mbtiles s3://my-bucket/parallel/{z}/{x}/{y} --part 2 --parts 12

Render image tiles from vector tiles, using custom fonts from a location on your computer: sh $ MapboxTileCopyFonts=/path/to/font/dir mapbox-tile-copy ~/style.tm2z s3://my-bucket/pngs/{z}/{x}/{y}

Supported file types

  • .mbtiles
  • .tilejson
  • .tm2z
  • .kml
  • .geojson
  • .gpx
  • .csv
  • .shp
  • .tif
  • .vrt
  • serialtiles

Running tests

Tests involve copying files to S3. You can bring your own bucket by specifying a TestBucket environment variable. sh $ TestBucket=my-bucket npm test

If you don’t specify a bucket, it will attempt to write to a private Mapbox bucket, and will fail if your environment is not configured with appropriate credentials.


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