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Monitors an HTML document for added or removed img nodes, dispatching ‘added’ and ‘removed’ events with an array or added or removed img tags, and ‘changed’ events with an array of img tags with a changed src attribute.

A previous version of this library was named document-change-observer and was originally a more generic wrapper for MutationObserver, but for that use mutation-summary

Usage Browserify

var observer = require('img-observer')(document.body);

observer.on('added', function(imgs) {
    // ... do something with array of added `img` elements

observer.on('removed', function(imgs) {
    // ... do comething with array of removed `img` elements

observer.on('changed', function(imgs) {
    // ... do comething with array of `img` elements with changed `src` attributes

Standalone usage

<script src="dist/img-observer.js"></script>

var observer = ImgObserver(document.body);


Returns an observer that listens for mutations of img elements that are children of node. Is an instance of EventEmitter.


Stops listening for DOM mutations, but does not remove event listeners.


Starts listening for DOM mutations again.


Remove all listeners attached to the observer.


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